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SMSglue SMS to Acrobits Softphone/Groundwire

For subscribers of who use Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire, SMSglue will enable SMS text messaging.

Tip: the final step involves copying & pasting text from this website into your Acrobits app, so you may wish to view this website from your device's browser.

Disclaimer: by using this service, you agree that I am not liable for anything, including (but not limited to) any account or Acrobits apps. I am not affiliated with either company, nor do I represent them. I am just a customer who likes using their products. Enjoy!


Enable API

You'll need to log into your account and visit Main Menu -> SOAP and REST/JSON API (or just click here).

Scroll down to API Configuration and do the following:

  • Enter an API Password (usually something different than your regular account password), enter the confirmation, and click Save API Password.
  • If Enable API is disabled, click Enable/Disable API so that it shows Enabled.
  • In the text box labeled, Enable IP Addresses, enter and click Save IP Addresses.

When finished, your screen should look something like this:


Open Web Services in Acrobits

Navigate your Acrobits Softphone/Groundwire app to Web Services, via the following screens:

  1. Keypad
  2. Settings
  3. Accounts
  4. Edit Account
  5. Advanced Settings
  6. Web Services

Once you have the Web Services screen ready, return to this webpage and hit NEXT.

The following screenshots are from Groundwire:


Activate SMS

Now enter your username and API password, along with your 10-digit US/Canada DID.

SMSglue will use the API to activate SMS on this number, hook up push notifications, and generate a provisioning link for your device.

Error: Verify your login information and try again.


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